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As a Denver family law and bankruptcy attorney, Mark J. Berumen is sensitive to his clients' needs on a personal level and strives to provide them thorough, level-headed, knowledgeable, reliable and effective legal counsel every step of the way. You do not have to let bankruptcy and family law decisions fall on your shoulders alone.

Divorce Lawyer

Since a divorce is one of the most stressful, but also the most important, events that you can go through in life, you want to know that your case is in the hands of an experienced divorce lawyer. At Berumen Law Firm, P.C., we draw on our long history of complex litigation work to benefit divorcing clients throughout Colorado.

We combine our powerful legal representation with the compassionate counseling you need when your marriage ends. Our Aurora divorce attorneys take the time to personally discuss your case with you and to answer all of your questions. We provide thoughtful, straightforward legal advice that is custom tailored to your situation and is designed to resolve your case as efficiently as possible.

Although there are many different factors that must be considered during a divorce, there are some topics that our clients often ask about. These include:

Child custody: We can help you understand how parenting time and decision-making responsibilities may be divided.

Child support: Colorado uses a child support formula that is based on many factors, including your income and the number of overnights you have with your children. We will walk you through the entire formula, so that you know what amount you will pay or receive.

Divorce FAQ's

- Division of assets and debt

Divorce is commonly associated with the division of property. In Colorado, this division is equitable, or fair, meaning it is not necessarily a 50-50 split. However, it is vital to know that the marriage dissolution process also involves the division of marital debt. We use the division of debt to create unique solutions that allow you to start your new life in as opportune a situation as possible.

- When are you common law married in Colorado?

If you and your significant other have held yourselves out to the public as being married, then you will likely be considered married under Colorado law. It does not matter if you have done this for only a matter of months or for many decades - common law marriage in Colorado is defined by your actions, not by an arbitrary length of time.

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