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Colorado Bankruptcy Changes – How You Can Make A Difference

Alongside the growth of technology, the economy, and the complexities of every day life, the rules by which we live by must adapt. As a result, State and Federal laws develop on a continuous basis as the world changes and grows. For the most part, legislative changes that have an effect on you (and others)…

September 19, 2018

Can I Continue To Operate My Business If I File For Bankruptcy?

If you are a business owner, you are well aware that your business is your livelihood. Therefore, when your business is struggling to meet incoming bills and other outstanding debts, it can be a strain on you and your family in many ways. While the number of businesses filing for bankruptcies has been on the…

September 5, 2018

5 Ways To Avoid Bankruptcy

It is not uncommon to be wary of the word “bankruptcy” when you are consistently facing financial trouble. Whether you are tackling looming medical bills or struggling to meet long-overdue credit card payments, the possibility of bankruptcy is a reality that many just can’t seem to shake in their day-to-day lives. While bankruptcy may be…

August 22, 2018

When Your Spouse Can Pay Your Legal Fees During Divorce

While all divorces are different, one factor is almost sure to be a constant in every proceeding: the legal process of filing for and carrying-out a legal divorce is expensive. The average cost of divorce ranges from $10,000 to $20,000. While this average divorce can differ from state-to-state, surveys show that divorces in Colorado have…

August 15, 2018

The Difference Between Bankruptcy And Civil Litigation

When you’re in the midst of making any big life change, such as filing for bankruptcy, you should be aware of the ramifications and scope of the legal proceedings that are going on throughout the process. Comprehending the difference between different types of legal actions, however, can be confusing and stressful for those who haven’t…

August 8, 2018

How To Avoid Problems With Child Travel During Custody Battles

No matter the reason for your divorce, one thing typically proves to be a constant: both parties involved want the best for the children of the marriage. While adults are accustomed to traveling wherever they want at any time, the situation becomes very different when it comes to the matter of whether a child of…

August 1, 2018

Bankruptcy And Tax: What You Need To Know

While filing for bankruptcy is a big decision that has an effect on every aspect of your life, it can be a great option for those who are struggling to meet payments and catch up with their debt. Whether it’s your day-to-day finances or your long-term financial plan, however, bankruptcy can leave its mark on…

July 25, 2018

Criteria For A Parenting Schedule

If you were to get advice from someone who has overcome the challenge of going through a divorce while rearing children, they would be most likely to tell you something along the lines of one thing: while divorce is stressful enough on its own, it can get even more complicated when it comes to the…

July 18, 2018

6 Bankruptcy Myths

The general public’s misconception about the processes and procedures behind filing for bankruptcy are widespread. To most consumers, the term “bankruptcy” is one that has little meaning beyond the fact that it is usually seen alongside big trouble, whether it be in the news or in everyday life. This explains why the general reaction to…

July 11, 2018

The Impact Of Colorado’s Recent Child Support Changes

While law is changing all the time, one concept of child support law has remained a constant for several years: regardless of whether the parents of the child in question are legally married or not, the law requires that both parent provides support to their child. In 2017, the Colorado legislature implemented some of the…

July 4, 2018

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